Atlas Single Player Mode Sails Into Today’s Blackwood Release

atlas single player

The new Atlas Blackwood map is about to bring some game-changing updates with it as the pirate sim adds single-player options today.

As a PC based MMO we’ve sailed clear of diving too deep into the Atlas updates here at Gamespace, until our recent reveal of the new map. Now, developer Grapeshot Games has unveiled a brand new DLC that hails some huge functional changes which might interest ye. Today, Atlas gets a new Blackwood map, a twisted time in the Equatorial biome with dark jungles, caves, alcoves, villages, homes, farms, and an interesting array of animals. These new waters a thick and green, teeming with dangerous creatures sunken ships, buried treasure, and a mermaid city. Experienced players will even find a new spin on the Hydra and Dragon bosses making for a definite challenge. You can glimpse what’s to come in the trailer above.

What makes this DLC addition particularly special, however, is the addition of a single-player mode. It is joined by the new Non-Dedicated multiplayer mode, both allowing players to experience the world of Atlas in all its glory without a server instance. While Non-Dedicated Multiplayer Mode essentially allows players to host a co-op session for friends, the single-player mode allows a solo player to jump into Atlas without having to worry about wandering into the midst of a massive turf war between factions.

Players who want a bit more social interaction can still set sail with over 40,000 simultaneous online players pirates and build their very own empire. The Blackwood map has, however, been developed to work as a single-player instance, allowing lone sharks to get something out of the game. Are you ready to give Atlas a go on your own or do you still need your crew to get your back/

Atlas is out now on Steam Early Access at a special discount of 67% off until 2 August. You can find out more about the high seas and the Atlas single-player mode over on the official Atlas website now.


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