Atlas to set sail for Xbox One with PC crossplay too


For Xbox One players who have been waiting to set sail on pirate adventures in Atlas, the wait is almost over. Grapeshot Games has announced that its open-world pirate survival game, Atlas, is heading to Xbox One’s Game Preview on October 8th. Most interestingly, players on PC and Xbox will be able to play together thanks to the crossplay option. In order to keep things competitive, Grapeshot has added mouse/keyboard support for Xbox players too.

The October 8th arrival of the game for XB1 players also comes with single-player adventures and “private session modes” for players who may only wish to travel the world with friends only.

Learn more on the Atlas official site.

About Atlas

In this game, you stake your claim in this endless open world as you construct custom ships, search for buried treasure, siege and conquer fortresses, and recruit a crew to join your powerful Armada! Explore the depths of this world alongside thousands of other players and sail the vast oceans, while waging battle against the Army of the Damned, hostile mythological creatures, and even other Pathfinders who seek to discover the unknown left by the past.

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  1. I need to jump back in and see how far this game has come, the cross-play to Xbox is perfect for our family!

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