Post-Apocalyptic RPG ATOM Releases on December 19


After a year spent in Early Access, the post-apocalyptic RPG ATOM is preparing for its full release on December 19, 2018! The developers promised that the game is going to receive a lot of free additional content after the release.

Here’s a list of the things you’ll see in version 1.0:

  • We added a third global map that was needed to finish the game’s main storyline. It’s a place called the “Dead city” – a forgotten, mutant-ridden metropolis that was destroyed by nuclear warheads. After this place was finished, we loved it so much, we’re currently planning on expanding it in future updates! Hope you’ll enjoy it too!
  • We added new NPCs and quests.
  • An ability to roam the Wastes in a car of your own!
  • New dungeons including an experimental-AI-run secret Bunker.
  • New traits available on character creation.
  • New cinematic that will show off how you impacted the Wasteland.

And last, but not least… As we the developers, and you, the players, already know, this game we dreamt of creating for all those years, would never be possible without your trust. This is why we decided to add a bonus “veteran’s kit” for all who bought and played ATOM while it was still Early Access. Thank you for believing in us.

The game has received overwhelmingly positive recent reviews and very positive overall reviews from users on Steam.


  1. Hoping this one might bring back some of the old Fallout vibes after the Fallout 76 disaster launched..this may help cure the itch..

    • It really gave me Fallout 1-2 vibes looking at screenshots, and that’s the comparison usually drawn in the reviews on Steam 🙂

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