ATOM RPG: Trudograd Now Available in Early Access

ATOM RPG Trudograd Now Available in Early Access

After half a year of work, the developers of turn-based post-apocalyptic game ATORM RPG have opened the doors of Trudograd to Steam Early Access users. Trudograd is a story-based standalone expansion that takes place in the Central Wastes two years after your adventures in the main game. In it, you will venture into a city that survived the war, to uncover its secrets in a search for a piece of pre-war technology that might just change the world forever.

You can transfer your saved game made after the defeat of the final boss in the ATOM RPG or create a new character that will be boosted to level 15.

We are publishing to Early Access to learn all of your wishes, critiques, ideas and general feedback on the early stages of development with a goal to implement the best ones, making Trudograd a community effort created by players for players. It worked amazingly well last time, and we hope to repeat that success.

From the get-go, Trudograd will be featuring upgraded graphics, updated roleplaying system (WIP), several large locations, dozens of quests, a hundred unique characters, new mini-game, new quest format for some quests and many more interesting additions. The expansion will be updated every few months with the full release date planned for later this year.

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