ATOM RPG – Trudograd Shared Plans For The Next Update

ATOM RPG - Trudograd Shared Plans For The Next Update

Following the release of update 1.032, the developers from AtomTeam have taken to Steam to share their plans for the next update to ATOM RPG – Trudograd. The developers have mentioned thoroughly studying players’ feedback and ideas for the betterment of the game.

In ATOM RPG: Trudograd your goal is to travel to a giant post-apocalyptic metropolis that withstood the tests of nuclear obliteration and social collapse. There you must find what is thought to be humanity’s last hope in fending off the menace from outer space!

With the December update, Trudograd will receive the following improvements:

  • New functionality for comparing items of the same type. For example, which weapon is better – the one equipped by the character, or the one you just picked up;
  • Optimization. The team will attempt to boost FPS and load times on medium-range devices which currently have some performance issues;
  • Implementation of a set of new icons for aiming at enemies, which will change depending on enemy type;
  • Expanded game log, where the reasons for each hit or miss will now be deciphered;
  • Description of damage modifiers for aimed shots;
  • Cloud saving capabilities just as in the original game;
  • The ability to set custom portraits for the character;
  • Advanced graphics, text size and interface scaling settings.
  • Additional content

“Naturally, all of the above is just what we are already working on. The support of Trudograd and our community will not cease after the upcoming update. There are still a lot of new and interesting things for us to create and for you to check out in the future!

Thank you for being with us. And let there be… ATOM!”

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