ATOM – Post-Apocalyptic Soviet Russia RPG Started Kickstart Campaign

AtomTeam started a Kickstarter campaign for its post-apocalyptic Soviet Russia RPG ATOM. Addtionally, the game already got Steam Greenlight. Now the team looks for $15k to finish the development.

ATOM – Fallout travels to USSR

The crisis in relationships between Eastern and Western blocs lead to a nuclear war in 1986. The war was swift and brutal. However, the humanity managed to survive.

The events of the game take place 19 years after the catastrophe. It is 2005, and new civilizations start emerging from the ruins of once great Empires.

ATOM is a passion project. It will be finished no matter what. But, with your help we will be able to do it much faster, as well as add more interesting content to the final game! But we don’t want to make unsubstantiated statements so feel free to download the latest build and check out ATOM for yourself! Thank you for your attention!

The game will feature a non-linear story as well as open world. Players will encounter over 300 characters in the game. Additionally, every single one of them will have their own personalities, portrets and dialogues.

Players will be able to take part in various missions, deal with puzzles as well as uncover secrets hidden around the Wastes. Smallest, most mundane tasks can also lead to intricate side stories.

The game will offer turn-based combat. Players will be able to use over 30 weapons, such as Soviet weaponry, makeshift shivs and guns and much more.

You can find out more about the game and pledge on its Kickstarter page.

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