Atomicrops Bring Farming Into The Nuclear Age

Atomicrops is about to drag farming into the nuclear age. Try not to get too mired down with manual labor as publisher Raw Fury unveil some Epic news for this farming experience.

Atomicrops is not what you might expect from a farming simulator. Rather than launch into competitive hay-stacking, developer Bird Bath Games is busy building something a little different. Set in the fallout of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, players are treated to an eccentric roguelike that marries combat and crop management in an experience that couldn’t be further from the click high def graphics of Farming Simulator.

Get Shovelling

This quirky roguelike allows future farmers to grow to play for fun and profit, building a farm full of mutant crops while fighting off post-nuclear pests that are intent on demolishing your harvest. With a cute retro aesthetic and tongue firmly in cheek, all these farm needs is a decent workforce. During E3, Raw Fury confirmed that Atomicrops has signed to launch on the Epic Store platform. As an Epic Exclusive, this means that Atomicrops will bring their indie adventure to the growing list of titles that are not available on Steam or other PC distribution platforms. Publisher Raw Fury, addressed the reason for this approach, noting that:

“In the indie dev world, nothing is guaranteed”, “This agreement with Epic allows Atomicrops to flourish before it launches and the cushion provided brings some peace of mind for its creators as they continue pouring their heart and soul into the game.”

Due out later in 2019, Atomicrops will put down roots first on PC. After it’s Epic exclusive run you can expect to find it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch in 2020. If the trailer has cultivated a little interest, you can find out more about this indie game over at the official Atomicrops website.

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