Attack On Titans Tactics Launches Today

Strap on the movement gear, sharpen your swords and grab a mobile phone because Attack On Titan Tactics has launched on iOS and Android phones now.


Attack On Titan, the massively popular anime and mange from Hajime Isayama, just landed on mobile phones with the launch of Attack on Titan Tactics. US, Canadian, and Australian members of the Crops will be able to load up this brand new tactical title and defend humanity fro the threat of the indomitable Titans. While the game launched in April over in Japan, it has finally come west with players able to build up a base and defend it from the looming threat of massive man-eating giants. A mix of tower defense and real-time strategy, the game challenges players to build up an elite team of titan slayers and deploy them to halt the march of these monstrosities.

Fan Service

Fans of the anime will notice the option to recruit a whole host of fan favorites into their Corps, including Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann, Captain Levi, and more. Based around series one of the anime series the game even features some voices you might recognize. Yuki Kaji (voice of Eren Jaeger), Yui Ishikawa (voice of Mikasa Ackermann), Marina Inoue (voice of Armin Arlelt), Hiroshi Kamiya (voice of Levi), and Daisuke Ono (voice of Erwin Smith) all feature and make it an enticing prospect for those of us that have watch the trials of these heroes already.

This game comes to mobiles courtesy of Dena Co, the same developer that brought us Pokemon Masters, so I have pretty high expectations. If anybody is tempted to scale the wall then new players can grab an in-game reward of 300 Crystals (good enough for 10 attempts to recruit new troops to your team) if they act before October 17, 7:59 AM PDT. Check out the launch trailer above for a sample and head over to the official website if you want to read up on the Survey Corps recruitment material. Attack on Titan Tactics is available now on iOS and Android for US, Canada, and Australia.


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