Attention: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Killing Floor 2 are Free to Play this Week on Steam to Commemorate their First Free Updates of the Year

Yesterday marked the release of Tripwire Interactive’s first free updates of the year for Killing Floor 2 and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. As of yesterday, players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam) can dive into and explore the new content.

Killing Floor 2 is updated with Cyber Revolt which consists of a new map, weapons, and cosmetics to realize a cyberpunk aesthetic. New content includes two new weapons, the Helios Rifle and the Killerwatt, new music, prestige enhancements, and achievements. Not to mention new limited-time objectives specific to this event. For more information be sure to check out the official Killing Floor 2: Cyber Revolt microsite or go to the Steam page and watch the video below!

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is supplemented with the Spring Map Update which makes three new maps available and can be acquired via Steam right now. Two of the maps are reimagined Red Orchestra 2 maps, Apache Snow and DMZ are rehashings of Winterwald and Mamayev, respectively. The third map is a community-created map that Tripwire Interactive has incorporated as an official map.

Free updates are awesome but even better than that is free access to the games! To commemorate the release not only is Tripwire Interactive running a Steam sale on the two games (for details take a peek at the Tripwire Interactive Steam page), but they are offering a week of free play on the Steam version of the games as well. Starting yesterday, the games will remain free to play until 10 a.m. PDT April 1.

Need more information on the two games? Be sure to check their web pages:

For more information on Tripwire Interactive, you can also visit their site:

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