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Video Game Releases

There are several video games that one can look forward to like-new or subsequent version releases in 2020. Here we take a look at some of the favorite and trending titles in this category.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

This is one that showcases contestants in hordes who come together in several rounds in mad dash till a single victor remains. There are bizarre obstacles that a player needs to battle through and find unruly competitors who also come in the way. Overall the laws of physics apply, and that helps a player to move towards success.

  • Format

The software is of multiplayer format. The original version was released in June 2019 for Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The subsequent edition is scheduled for release in August 2020. It is a common practice for video game developers as well as slot games software developers like IGT, which is well known for its Cleopatra free slots, to release sequels.

  • About the Developer

The software developer is Mediatonic, a British developer based out of London. Some of their earlier successful creations are Must Eat Birds, Gigolo Assassin, Meowcenaries, Monsters, and others. The 50 and more team of members here have taken inspiration from TV games of obstacle races like Ninja Warrior, Wipeout, Takeshi’s Castle and others. All the games include the common theme of several players competing to overcome set challenges at different levels to grab the crown at the end. The Fall Guys game has been published by Mediatonic in partnership with Devolver Digital.

  • Features

There are several series of challenges and obstacle courses that you will come across. It is a multiplayer game; there are several online competitors who one encounters here. The different rounds provide teams for players to get through to certain objectives. At the same time, there are competitions between different teams as well. The actions are showcased in colorful visuals and animated physical effects among the different participating characters. Again, players can have fun customizing their characters, complete with couture looks, accessories, and so forth.

This fun colorful title is easy to enjoy, both on Windows desktop as well as on Playstation, and fans can look forward to the software releasing in the first week of August this year.

Indeed, such themes are not uncommon in casino games as well. Hence, another platform where you can indulge in games of diverse themes is online casino websites. Slots especially are known for their high definition visuals and effects.

Inertial Drift

Those who love arcade racing will have this software to look forward to very soon. In the genre of arcade racing, it promises to bring in a new level of challenge and accessibility. Hence, those who enjoy virtual driving will find it a new and different experience due to certain novel features that are included.

  • Publisher

It is an upcoming release of video games publisher PQube. The company ranks in the top 20 list and has a worldwide presence. The company prides itself in creating innovative games.

  • Format

There are different formats of software available. One could play it on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, or desktop.

  • Features

There are new accessibility levels added to the arcade races which are sure to excite virtual racers. The highlight here is the unique twin-stick control. It is a tool you use for precision drifting where the stick on the right hand provides total control on the drift. There is a nineties retro look and feel created that combines with a unique way to handle your race car. The twin-stick offers drift mechanics that are precise and satisfying. At the same time, there are diverse geographies in high definition visuals that you come across as you zip through neon-lighted city streets, rural temples, and wind down mountain passes.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Video Game Releases 1

This title was initially released in February 2017. Being of action and role-playing genre, it has avid followers who can now look forward to the latest edition to be released in August 2020.

  • About the Publisher

Guerilla Games is no stranger to the world of video games, being a Dutch company based out of Amsterdam. It originally started as Lost Boys Games in 2000, and today it has merged with smaller studios to be Guerilla B.V. Its parent company is Sony Interactive Entertainment. They started with hits like Tiny Toon Adventures, and one of their popular actions and role-playing games is Horizon Zero Dawn.

  • Features

Those who have played the initial version would be familiar with the female hunter, Aloy, who seeks to uncover the past in a futuristic world full of machines. In the upcoming version, you will find several quest elements. These include the quest of the main story as well as national quests that involve tribes besides interesting side quests. The player needs to move the character through different levels in the game. There are skill trees that help power up the character which are the Forager, Brave, and Prowler. The earth that is shown here has both prehistoric and futuristic aspects. In a land with robotic animals, you will encounter chrome robots as well as dinosaurs and horses. Beasts and humans clash in different ways which brings up several mysteries as to how machines have replaced wildlife and how civilizations have evolved. Guerilla Games provides a blend of several experiences to offer a unique open-world gaming to the players.

Fast & Furious Crossroads

Fast & Furious 9 might have been delayed due to the pandemic, but that does not prevent the video game version from releasing a new update. Hence a new chapter is ready to unfurl on different platforms this year. It was originally slated for release in May 2020, but the developer has now slated it for release in August 2020.

  • Format

You can play it on Windows as well as on Xbox One or Playstation 4.

  • About the Developer

Slightly Mad Studios is the developer here, being a subsidiary of Codemasters, a larger brand among British video game companies. This particular franchise’s publication and distribution are handled by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

  • Features

Those who are familiar with the games based on the film franchise will surely have much to look forward to in this hybrid game that combines role-playing, action, and hybrid racing. The setup here is set across several locations globally as well as features the main characters of the film. There is an authentic storyline along with cinematic style action. You can enjoy different sports cars and gadgets here. There is a single-player format as well as a multiplayer format available. The trailer of the video game provides a glimpse of gameplays inherited from God Eater and Ridge Racer. Players will have to defeat enemies, focus on racing, and avoid traps using weapons that their cars come equipped with.

Total War Saga: Troy

This is a new title, being the first entry in a series that focuses on the conflict that had raged between Greece in the Mycenaean period and Troy. Known historically as the Trojan War, the software provides backdrop features of the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean period. This software is set for release in the middle of August 2020, exclusively for the PC platform. Indeed, many would be able to download and try it for free within 24 hrs of the release of this title. For such reasons, the footfall has certainly increased for Epic Games Store.

  • About the Developer

Creative Assembly works with different teams in the UK and Bulgaria who are the mastermind behind the Total War series. The parent publisher is Sega, and they have been working on the Total War series for some time.

  • Features

Greek myths have many monsters and gods, and the series draws inspiration from Homer’s poems. Creative Assembly attempts to capture several mythical elements of wars as depicted in the stories. Gamers need to honor gods by winning battles or building temples. Mythical beasts and monsters often show up. One could recruit centaurs or minotaurs for their team. In general, there are allies, Trojans, and Greeks who are pitted against each other. They fight to gain dominance over the city, which is depicted in the Bronze era. Players will gain more information when they gain exclusive free access to the store of Epic Games. The software would be given free access on 13th August 2020 for 24 hours.

Add Video Slots to Your Entertainment

Those who love new themes, storylines, characters, and features can enjoy them in video slots as well. With diverse themes and genres, there is something for different interests. Many slots include bonus rounds and others where gamblers can test their skills as well as their luck.

There are diverse titles to look up this summer which are releasing thick and fast. These include Infinity Hero by Wazdan, Serpent Shrine by Relax Gaming, Hot Choice Deluxe by Amatic, Almighty Aztec by Microgaming, and others.

With most of the entertainment confined to the digital world this year, it is little wonder that the casino software providers have a lot of demand to cater to. Many also provide free mode or downloads along with interesting freebies for the customers.

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