Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent – Announcement Trailer

Warchief Gaming shared the announcement trailer for Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent, a 5E RPG campaign setting by Chris Metzen that will be coming to Kickstarter on April 20th.

The first release in this universe, Worldbook: Lawbrand, is based on the roleplaying campaign that Chris Metzen ran with his childhood friends in the eighties and nineties, before heading to Blizzard to work on worlds such as Warcraft, StarCraft, and more.

“I’m really excited to be coming back to this world I developed with my friends so long ago,” said Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Chris Metzen. “Building this old campaign into a brand new tabletop experience is an ambitious undertaking, but I always knew it would I’d find my way back to Auroboros sooner or later.”

“We all feel the same in that we’re lucky that many of our professional and creative relationships have transitioned into strong personal ones,” said Co-Founder and President, Mike Gilmartin. “That’s really the drive behind Auroboros: creating and imagining together. What began as a community of friends weaving stories together will be brought to life through Kickstarter for a new generation of storytellers to enjoy.”

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