Autonauts Gets Steamy With Industrial Revolution Update

Autonauts, the charming management sim from Denki, is on track for a successful 2020 with its Industrial Revolution update.

Released yesterday, the Industrial revolution update is the first update to this cute colony strategy sim and it is absolutely free. While Autonauts might seem pretty space-age, putting players in charge of a series of robots preparing a colony for human habitation, the new update adds a whole heap of new ideas to the mix. The new update focuses on more mechanical tech than space-age electronics. Coal and metal are available for extraction with the aid of using potent new Mk 3 Bots. Aiding the robots that released with the base game, the Industrial Revolution update’s new automatons can construct and run advanced rail networks and related infrastructure for players to deploy across each new world.

New Toys

20 new structures and four core vehicles come packed into this addition as well as an array of extra tools. A printing Press, Power Loom, Paper Mill, and Steam Hammer are just some of the mechanical add ons that players can utilize while they construct the new two-story brick house and mansion. There are also new toys and era-appropriate cosmetics to be crafted. you’ll be able to look dapper in the latest Shirt and Tie, Coat and Scarf, Blazer and Cravat as a world of metal emerges around you.

This isn’t the end of the updates coming either. The Industrial revolution update expands the evolution options for colonists health and education, allowing players to heal sick colonists and lift the destitute out of intellectual poverty. Denki also intends to drop more updates later this year and will give players even more advanced options when the arrive around April this year. If you haven’t checked out our review of Autonauts then pleases do, it’s a great title that blew up the Steam charts when it launched. Alternatively, you can check out the trailer above and head over to the Steam Store page to grab the Autonauts Industrial revolution Update alongside the base game.


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