Avalanche Shows Off A Gorgeous New Engine of Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 apex engine

If you’ve never played Just Cause you’ve been doing yourself a disservice for quite some time.  No other game captures the joy of being a ridiculous reality-pushing action star the way the Just Cause series gives the player.  The games have always looked pretty decent for the year they were subsequently released and it looks like Just Cause 4 will be no exception.  At the PC Gaming Show Avalanche presented Just Cause 4 and simultaneously showed off the game’s new, open-world engine: Apex.

The Just Cause 4 trailer engine shows up what we can expect to see in the newest entry to the Just Cause franchise – and boy does it look amazing.  The trailer also provides some information on improvements we can expect to see:

  • Unrivalled Draw Distance
  • Improved HDR Lighting
  • Interactive Weather Systems
  • Physics-based Aerodynamic Models
  • Increased Fidelity of Destruction

You can watch the Just Cause 4 Engine trailer on YouTube or embedded below.

And let’s not forget the Announcement Trailer:

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  1. One of the great developers around. Love their work.

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