Avengers Endgame Official Trailer

Marvel dropped the official trailer for the newest Avengers movie today. Called Avengers Endgame, the movie is set to release in April this year.

Many Avengers and much of life in the universe itself were wiped from existence in the “Snap” when Thanos acquired all the Infinity Stones in the last movie. Now the Avengers and Nebula will try to recover all that was lost. Joining them will be Captain Marvel, an avenger herself whose movie released just recently. If you have yet to see it now would be a good chance too with End Game right around the corner. Now would be a good time to rewatch them all if you really want to get your Marvel binge going from when it all begin to now. Check out the trailer, it has me pumped. I’m digging the white suits, very spiffy. We even catch a glimpse Tony Stark sporting one.

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