Award-Winning Raji: An Ancient Epic Gets a Switch Demo

Nodding Heads and have announced the release of a new Switch demo for the award-winning ARPG Raji: An Ancient Epic. The demo allows players to experience a slice of the game before purchasing it.  Players will be able to check out the game’s mechanics, “including dynamic arena-based combat” as well as the movement and story of the game.

Follow Raji on her journey to meet the Gods, Demons, and become the hero who is destined to save humanity with her determination, love, and divine weaponry. The acrobatic skills of Raji allow her to wall run to reach distant areas Princess-of-India-style, jump on pillars to traverse collapsed buildings, and smite hordes of demons without a single scratch. Tailored by the native team using real-life references, this game is the perfect way to explore India and fall in love with its culture and mythos.

The game has scored a number of impressive awards and nominations including The Game Awards Best Debut Game (nomination), Best of MIX 2020, TGS Indie Grand Prix, and several others.

Raji is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Check out the Raji: An Ancient Epic official site to learn more.

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