Axe-Wielding Igrid Arrives in Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss has announced the imminent arrival of a new Hero for Shadow Arena. Axe-and shield-wielding Igrid is a frontline specialist who can both defend herself and take down multiple enemies in front of her. She is the fourteenth Hero to be added to the game since launch. Igrid will be launching into the game on August 26th.

Igrid is a versatile fighter who uses her gigantic axe to deal crippling blows to her enemies. Although her shield is used primarily for defense, she can also use it to push back attacking enemies. Despite her heavy armor, Igrid is an agile combatant – her jump attacks can crush enemies, but they can also leave her open to counter attacks, so use them wisely.

To celebrate Igrid’s coming arrival, Pearl Abyss is inviting all players to check out the game for a free 2-week trial period. During this special event, all heroes will be unlocked and are free to play for the duration. The event ends on August 26th.

When the patch arrives to bring Igrid into the game, players will also notice significant changes to Spectator mode. Automatic camera switching has been added to help viewers follow the action more closely.

Check out the Igrid trailer to see how she plays and then head off to the Shadow Arena official site to learn more.

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