Back 4 Blood to Expand with Tunnels of Terror DLC

Back 4 Blood - Tunnels of Terror

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock have announced that Back 4 Blood will be expanding with the Tunnels of Terror DLC starting on April 12th. To show off some of what players can expect when the expansion DLC launches, developers sent out a new trailer.

Viewers will get a peek at two new playable Cleaners:

  • Sharice – an ax-wielding firefighter specializing in defense
  • Heng – a “restaurateur” who utilizes a chef’s knife to stay ahead of Ridden

The video also showcases the Ridden Hives, a PvE co-op mode where up to four players team up to explore seven Ridden-infested areas full of tunnels that will have even the most intrepid adventurer scratching their heads wondering where to go. “To earn rewards, players must outmaneuver the new Warped Ridden, including the landmine-setting Urchins, horrifying Shredders, and damage-dealing Rippers. These Ridden variations are also playable in PvP Swarm mode and can be earned, along with the new Cleaners, for use in PvP matches.”

Other components of the expansion include:

  • seven new legendary weapons
  • eight new character skins
  • a dozen weapon skins
  • new cards
  • No Hope difficulty (free to all players)
  • “and more”


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