Bad Seed’s INSIDIA hits Early Access on Steam

Fans of tactical, frantic combat should find Italian developer Bad Seed’s latest release right up their alley.  INSIDIA describes itself as a game made for strategy game lovers and mixed with heavy doses of mayhem.  A turn-based game in where it’s always your turn, the player must assemble teams of four from a roster that includes steam knights, fierce punks, odd mutants and a multiple other survivors of a post-apocalyptic fantasy world.  Players will have to make on-the-fly decisions to unleash “perfectly coordinated chaos” on the other team.

Thanks to its competitive nature and incredibly fun to watch gameplay, INSIDIA aspires to become a competitive esport game. It has been selected to be the first indie game of its kind featured on FACEIT, the leading platform for online competitions, with nearly 10 millions members, joining such titles as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Overwatch and more on the platform. INSIDIA‘s integration with FACEIT allows players to easily take part in tournaments, leagues, ladders, hubs and more.

Key Features:
  • Simultaneous Turns – During a window of 20 seconds, both players declare their actions to issue an order to one of their champions. Once complete, the fight unfolds during a resolution phase where the outcome for both players is revealed.
  • Passive AbilitiesINSIDIA’s combat system is composed of passive and automatic abilities in additional to player-driven attacks. Champions not chosen in any given turn won’t sit idly by — automated actions for each champion keeps the entire squad fully engaged in combat!
  • Combo Combo Combo! – By carefully weaving together active and passive abilities, players can achieve spectacular combos. In and between turns, champions join forces to deliver devastating blows with just a few simple clicks by the player!
  • Map ObjectivesINSIDIA isn’t a mere deathmatch. Players must capture critical objects in order to destroy an enemy’s defense and lay waste to their base — MOBA enthusiasts will feel right at home. And champions that take the risk of capturing secondary goals may unlock abilities that can overturn even the most dire situations.

If INSIDIA sounds like something right up your alley the Open Beta is available now for free on Steam for Window’s, Mac and Linux (including Steam OS) devices.  You can learn more at the INSIDIA website.

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