BAFTA-Nominated Airborne Kingdom Release Date Announced

During last week’s Gamescom 2021, The Wandering Band and Freedom Games announced the console release date for the BAFTA-nominated city builder, Airborne Kingdom. Players can look forward to getting started on their journey starting Tuesday, November 9, 2021. The plan is to release the game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

The console version will include all of the content released to date for the award-winning PC version including the just-released New Game Plus update. This new game mode offers players a brand new world to explore that comes with increased challenges and fresh twists to the standard gameplay. In addition, players will find more random elements than before ranging from questlines to kingdom placement.

“Our team is all about adventure and sparking creativity,” said Ben Wander, lead designer, The Wandering Band. “Our game is full of peace and possibility and we look forward to sharing what we’ve created with the Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox communities when the game comes in for a landing on consoles this November.”

Check out the Airborne Kingdom official site to learn more.

You can also see how the game fared in its PC version thanks to our review where we said, “Overall, Airborne Kingdom is a new style city-builder aimed at the casual player who wants to just try and build the best floating kingdom that they can. This title is currently $19.99 USD but is normally $24.99 USD, so it is a fairly cheap pickup for a nice relaxed time playing a city-builder. Hours may fly by if you are into this kind of game, and I know I spent well over four hours my first time playing just to get used to everything.”

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