Baldur’s Gate 3 – Check Out Panel From Hell: Grymforge on October 14

Baldur's Gate 3 - Check Out Panel From Hell Grymforge on October 14

The team from Larian Studios, the developers behind the upcoming cRPG Baldur’s Gate 3, has taken to Twitter to reveal that a new Panel From Hell, dedicated to BG3’s new patch 6 and the first new location, Grymforge, will be held on October 14th at 9 am PT / 6 pm CEST.

The new patch 6 – the biggest yet when it comes to Baldur’s Gate 3 – is almost here, and the team is excited for players to get their hands on it. The patch will weigh approximately 60 GB so make sure to save some space for it! And, as always, saves made in Patch 5 or prior will no longer be compatible with the updated version.

Who’s ready to make some magic? We also have something special in Patch 6 for those of you who watched Twitch Plays: A Most Noble Sacrifice. If you like the sound of meat hitting meat (stop giggling), then you’ll love the latest addition to your arsenal – the equippable Salami. Yes, they can be dual-wielded. But that’s enough of the spoilers. There’s a lot more in Patch 6, and we’ll be exploring that really soon.”

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