Baldur’s Gate 3 – Hotfix #16 Now Live!

Baldur's Gate 3 - Hotfix #16 Now Live!

The team from Larian Studios published a new Steam blog post to reveal that Hotfix #16 is now available cRPG Baldur’s Gate 3, currently going through the Early Access phase. The patch is aimed at addressing several crash bugs, a number of graphics issues, and a host of gameplay fixes.

The recent major Patch 6: Forging the Arcane added a variety of changes to the game, including a new Sorcerer class, Grymforge area, graphical enhancements and much more. The developers have revealed that Patch 6 saw the game’s highest concurrent player numbers since the launch.

“It’s just past the mark of one year in Early Access for BG3, and soon we’ll talk about how far the game – and we – have come. Patch 6 saw our highest concurrent player numbers since launch on October 6, 2020. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being on this journey with us. It means a lot to us that you’re responding to each patch, jumping back in, and giving us feedback to help make Baldur’s Gate 3 the best it can be. There’s a road ahead, but this is the biggest RPG we’ve ever made, and we feel as though if we continue to work together, the journey will be an enjoyable one for us all.”

“Thank you for playing Bald Duergar’s Gate 3, and for your support! May your dreams be filled with Giant Halsin – Larian’s very own Big Daddy.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Hotfix #16 Changelist:

  • Enabling Screenspace Sub Surface Scattering (SSSS) no longer causes game to crash.
  • Fixed crash when both DLSS and HDR are enabled.
  • A rare crash that appeared when a follower dies during combat is no more.
  • Zarys will now ignite the barrels and run away after being startled.
  • Bald Duergar are now even balder. Please refer to BG3 as Balder’s Gate from here on out.
  • Glut can now jump – not to be confused with the title of the 1992 Woody Harrelson basketball movie.
  • You can only return Sergeant Thrinn’s boots if you knew they were stolen to begin with.
  • Create Water can now be used to extinguish light sources that it previously could not.
  • Fixed scaling issues of the HDR calibration image with DLSS turned on – it now resizes accordingly.
  • Improved animations and VFX for some Weapon Actions.
  • Lights no longer appear right before starting a cinematic dialogue while the screen is fading.
  • The Prepare action tooltip won’t display negative damage.
  • You can now end your turn after using Flaming Sphere.
  • Made the falling impact damage formula more precise.
  • Characters no longer randomly receive 44 bludgeoning damage. That was weird.
  • Glut and other characters now have their correct portraits.
  • Shadowheart will now have all her spell points when recruited on the beach.
  • Withers now always leaves when dismissed.
  • A number of small UI issues related to saving and loading have been fixed.
  • Improved texture of Halfling dreadlocks.
  • Cancelling interface changes in the Settings menu will now properly revert to the original settings.
  • Myconids will no longer get stuck in an endless self-healing loop after combat.
  • Fixed an AI calculation issue that caused NPCs to pass their turn without doing anything.
  • Fixed the passive feature of Elder Brithvar’s pick weapon.
  • All torches found in Grymforge are now equippable.
  • Resolved a visual issue when opening the lava valve at the Adamantine Forge.
  • Fixed a crash when killing the last enemy at Plea at the Gates combat.
  • Wild Magic: Enchant Weapons properly deal critical damage.
  • Spore Servant and Hook Horror status overlays are no longer bright green.
  • Night Walkers boots now grant immunity to Entangled and Ensnared.
  • Ring of Fire now works on Fire damage from weapon attacks.
  • Horrific Visage’s Mind Flayer no longer faces the wrong direction.
  • Priestess Gut can no longer call guards when silenced.
  • Active rolls are now properly centered on 16:10 resolution screens.
  • Fixed NPC spells sometimes not hitting other NPCs.
  • Whispering Mask effects will now be applied correctly when equipped through the Equipment UI.
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