Balsa Model Flight Simulator Lands in 2020

Balsa Model Flight Simulator is the next project to take off from the mind that blasted the Kerbals into space and it lands in Summer 2020.

In a definite departure for Felipe “HarvesteR” Falangkerbhe, the latest project for this indie producer swaps the sheer power of the rocket engine for something a little more sedate. Balsa Model Flight Simulator is pretty much what you might expect from the name and the trailer tells you all you might want to know. Despite that, I’ll carry on.

Hard Wood

A model flight sim might seem somewhat sedate but this new game is just as detailed and complex as a space program. Named after the balsa wood used to build model planes, Falanghe’s latest allows players to design, construct, and fly a huge variety of models all put together in intricate details. The in-game editor is incredibly detailed, allowing would-be pilots to control every element of the final product and offering up a huge range of customization options. Each plane can be colored, painted, and even given a range of decals to make every plane that rolls out the hanger, your very own. It is no surprise that while this sandbox experience provides plenty of space for pilots to hone their flying skills, the contraption they’ve placed together needs to actually get off the ground first.

Assuming the plane makes it into the air, Balsa Model Flight Simulator comes with a free form mode as well as a career campaign, allowing pilots to tackle a range of challenges across a variety of maps and earn currency to further improve each aircraft. Fro more competitive modes, up to 16 players an enter the virtual skies and take up arms in the game’s paintball mode. After all, these are just models.

Published by The Irregular Corporation, the name behind PC Building Simulator, this title looks set to cause the same level of incredible physics-based frustration as the Kerbel Space Program, but with less lofty goals. If you like your challenges a little different then this could be a breath of fresh air when it hits PC in the middle of 2020. Find out more about the game in the trailer or head over to the Steam Store page for details now.


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