Bang-On Balls: Chronicles New Content Could Be The Perfect Euro Finals Preparation

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles euro 2021 soccer mini game

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is preparing players for the Euro 2020 Finals with a silly soccer sized mini-game.

The Euro 2020 finals might be upon us all this Sunday but the staff at Exit plan games are still ready to give us a bit more hype. The team behind the madcap physics game, Bang-On Balls has kicked off a new in game soccer event that should keep excited gamers distracted for a couple more days. As big fans of soccer, the development team that crafted the circular critters that inhabit Bang-On Balls, are aiming for the back of the net.

The latest mini-game is all about scoring as many goals as you can within a set time limit. While you take control of a BoB, A Bang-On Ball, you’ll be able to aim for the goal and rack up as many points as possible. The more you score the bigger your reward! Playable solo or for up to 4 soccer fans in co-op, players can access the new mini-game by jumping into the soccer arcade machine situated in the studio lobby, near the recently added arcade challenge machines.

While you can root for your home team, there’s plenty more to do when you take a half time break. Band-On Balls is a raucous mix of maddening mini games, all played by a bunch of hyperactive balls. If Human Fall Flat seems too much like reality then  this might be for you. Whether you’re rolling through history or bouncing across platforming puzzles, Bang-On Balls is at least one way to pass the time while we all wait on the inevitable misery of another penalty shoot out. Check out more about Bang-On Balls over at the official Steam Store page now.

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