Banner Saga 3: New Video Highlights the Horseborn


Versus Evil released their latest character highlight video this past Friday. This video, dedicated to the Horseborn race, is the latest in a series that hopes to showcase the influential characters in the upcoming third installment of The Banner Saga Series. A tactical role-playing game set in the world of Vikings, players make a series of choices that will dramatically impact the outcome of the game.

This third installment will be the final dramatic chapter in the series. The video below highlights the mysterious Horseborn who, although wrapped in mystery and intrigue have proven to be loyal allies. The video hints that such loyalties could shift depending on how events unfold in this final chapter. All will be revealed soon as the team over at Versus Evil, with the help of indie developer Stoic, are working to have this third installment ready for its July 24th launch. Be sure to check out the trailer below as well as some of our other coverage for this upcoming title. You can also swing on by Steam or GOG to preorder the title.

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