Bannerlord Game Play Video Blows Mount & Blade II Fans Away

Bannerlord is the next game in the Mount & Blade series. A new trailer was released during this week’s E3 in Los Angeles.

Bannerlord expands & improves

Many of the features that players love from Mount & Blade II are back, however, most are improved. The fighting system has been improved and expanded in addition to a larger game world.

Players will engage in siege warfare, participate in diplomatic efforts and enjoy a “sandbox economy”.  In addition, there is a robust in-game crafting feature as well as the ability to “craft” mods using the provided tools. Lastly, the developers have created an all-new engine just for this game.

Construct, position and fire a range of heavy machinery in sieges that will test your wits and skill like never before. Experience epic, sprawling combat across ramparts and rubble as you desperately hold on to your castle or seek to seize one from the enemy.

You batter a rival’s gate with your ram or burn his siege tower to ashes. The game lets you live every moment of a chaotic battle through the eyes of a single soldier.

You can learn more on the official Steam page.

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