Press Release: Bannermen Slated for Feb 21st Release

A New and Unique RTS Experience

Today developer Pathos Interactive and publisher 2tainment GmbH announced that their upcoming RTS, Bannermen, was slated for a Feb 21, 2019 PC release via Steam. Bannermen incorporates traditional RTS elements, including base-building and resource management, but also introduces a unique environmental magic system that uses nature-based spells such as lightning, volcano eruptions, and tornadoes to not only turn the tide of battle but change the face of the very face of the game world.

Bannermen is set on a war-torn medieval realm called Valtoria, and players take on the role of Lord Berrian as he tries to reunite his kingdom and reclaim is forgotten glory in the face of opposing tribes and one particularly dark lord, Karthor. See the campaign trailer below:

This new title boasts four gameplay modes that include a story-driven campaign with challenges uniquely crafted to drive the story as well as online multiplayer modes that include match-making and ladders as well as custom matches. Bannermen promises to be a new and unique experience for both solo and multiplayer.

For more information, please visit the Bannermen website.

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