Barotrauma, A Submarine Survival Game Announced

Daedalic Entertainment, along with Finnish developers FakeFish and Undertow Games, announced their next 2019 new game title. Barotrauma, an underwater survival game in which your submarine crew fights for underwater survival in the far reaches of our solar system. Wait, underwater survival in space you say?. Yep! In Barotrauma, up to 16 players manage intricate submarine systems to survive in sub-zero temperatures and explore an alien ocean. This procedurally generated Sc-Fi co-op multiplayer simulation hits Steam Early Access this spring.

Barotrauma is set in the future where you, and your teammates, are intrepid adventurers who have fled Earth and settled on Jupiter’s watery moon Europa. In this foreign, harsh environment, human life is only possible in the ocean deep below the moon’s frozen surface, and this is where you and your crew come in.

As a member of a submarine crew, you are tasked with directing your vessel through dangerous surroundings, exploring alien ruins and completing difficult missions. As witnessed in the teaser trailer posted above, players must manage all kinds of onboard systems, such as the nuclear reactor, sonar, guns, machines and more. Thanks to a complex crafting system, the crew can create tools, medicines and weapons to aid their survival. Time is of the essence, especially when faced with unexpected catastrophes.

Including the role of captain, there are five different classes, and up to 16 players can join the crew of one submarine. Procedurally generated levels and events make for adrenaline-filled fun (and some occasional swearing)!

Barotrauma Screenshot

Key Features
  • Manage intricate submarine systems to survive in the depths below Europa, one of Jupiter’s frozen moons.
  • Five classes: submarine captain, engineer, mechanic, medic, an assistant.
  • Explore a vast ocean filled with alien life, ruins and other secrets daring to be explored.
  • Work together in adrenaline-filled 2D co-op multiplayer with up to 16 players. Or betray your crew and bury them in the depths.
  • Complex management and crafting systems.
  • Procedurally created levels and events ensure no two games are the same.
  • Utilizes a distinct animation style and ragdoll physics.
  • Monster Maker: Transform the game via Steam workshop and create your own sprites, submarines, levels – or alien monsters – for other players to download.

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