Barotrauma Dives Into Saints And Sinners Update

Sub Simulator Barotrauma just got a brand new update that looks set to make one of the more outlandish multiplayer games even more absurd. Check out the brand new trailer for the Saints and Sinners update above.

For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to sink your teeth into Barotrauma then this might seem like a strange combination of ideas to launch. Described by the developer, Undertow Games, as a 2D multiplayer drowning simulator in space, Barotrauma takes its name from injuries caused by increased air pressure and adequately describes this cooperative submarine survival simulation. Trapped in a steel can beneath the frozen surface of Europa, players are given a job onboard a submarine and some vague mission parameters. The rest of the game is spent meeting that goal without becoming lunch for the local wildlife, internal conflict, or just starving to death.

Now, the Saints and Sinners update floats a whole range of additions to Barotrauma. A brand new submarine enters the fray with room for 16 players. The Berilia sub provides plenty of room for players to join via Steam friend invites, rather than have to tinker around with port forwarding any more. With a whole bunch more crewmates to interact with, the Berrilia sounds like a fantastic proving ground for a newly enhanced traitor system. You can now expect additional mission types, better objective randomization, and detection of ‘off-task’ traitor griefing.

In order to further help moderate general griefing, a brand new karma system features in the Saints and Sinners update. This customizable option will remain generally transparent to anybody on a server only penalizing bad behavior when players take actions like causing a meltdown or triggering spam filters.

I haven’t had the opportunity to plunge into this survival sim quite yet. If I can round up a crew I might just give it a try. It shouldn’t be that hard living in a port town, right? Barotrauma is out now on Windows PC, Mac and Linux via Steam Early Access. You can find out more about the title over on the official website right now.


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