Battalion 1944 Free To Play Weekend Now On

Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944, the first person shooter from the Square Enix Collective is hosting a free to play weekend. Dig in for the next few days and take down your enemies.

Launched earlier this year, Battlefield 1944 was a significant shift away from the trend of post apocalyptic zombie affairs and sci-fi modern warfare. Instead, developer Bulkhead Interactive returned to the historic adventures that marked the rise of the military shooter and scored something of a win. After Square Enix Collective signed the WW2 shooter the game made its way onto Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. 1944 takes things back to basics, putting players into a competitive face-off where the 5v5 combat is king and the precise flick shots of your Kar 98 or the cover fire from a Thompson are key to controlling the battlefront.

If you haven’t tried out the 5v5, 1v1, or arcade ‘Run and Gun’ modes in Battalion 1944 then you’ve got the perfect chance for the next couple of days. The free to play session is already on and will run until 7 October 9 am PST. That’s plenty of time to team up and take the fight to your enemies across this promotional play session, players can indulge in the following game modes:

  • Competitive (powered by FACEIT competitive matchmaking technology)
  • Unranked
  • Arcade
  • Rifles Only
  • Custom & modified servers via Server Browser

Alongside these, you’ll find a brand new season with new in game missions, for fans that already own the game. If you want to head back into battle beyond the return to work, then fans of the game can pick it up right now at a 50% discount, priced at £7.99/$9.99. You can sign up for Battalion 1944 over at the official Steam Store page right now.

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