Battle Chasers shines a spotlight on wise sage Knolan

We’re just a few days from the commercial launch of the excellent looking Battle Chasers from the Airship Syndicate team, a fantasy western JRPG with impressive visual design and traditional gameplay mechanics.  To help get to know the cast, unless you read the comics by Joe Madureira, the studio’s putting out some videos on each character. This one focuses on the wise, smarmy, and powerful mage Knolan.

From the release:

Knolan is a wizened old mage troubled by the rapid decline of mana – the source of all magic power in the world. In BattleChasers: Nightwar, he is not only a powerful damage dealer but also a strong healer capable of reviving a fallen teammate. With his huge spell book and a short temper, Knolan is far more dangerous than he may first appear. He can shoot arcane missiles, fireballs and ice lances at his enemies and unleash a devastating firestorm. One of his powerful Burst abilities is Eldritch Summon: tentacles from another plane reach out through a portal and are damaging all foes.

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