Check Out How Battle Royale Players Compare To Other Gamers

Battle Royale investigated the player group of the popular Battle Royale genre in detail and compared it against the other gamers. Battle Royale players emerged as an extremely engaged group that spends more time playing, watching and streaming games.

You can find the full article following the link above, but here are some interesting excerpts:

  • PUBG appeals to more core players while Fortnite appeals to a young and casual audience
  • Battle Royale (BR) players are more engaged and spend a larger amount of time gaming compared to other gamers
  • BR players also invest more in gaming
  • BR players are more likely to watch general live-streamed video game content. The greater share of BR players are subscribed to two or more video gaming channels

It’s unsurprising then that the BR genre has proven to be such a big hit on both Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Our Game Streaming Tracker shows that Fortnite was the most-watched title on both platforms in April while PUBG was the second-most popular on YouTube Gaming and third on Twitch. Ninja, a well-known Fortnite streaming personality, remained the most-watched channel on Twitch. The battle royale genre has managed to entertain a large audience and its inherent factor of randomness (you never know what’s going to happen next) has kept it entertained. The genre has a large potential for professional esports, yet there have been few tournaments to date. With Epic Games’ recent announcement to invest $100 million in Fortnite prize money for its upcoming competitive season, this is bound to change.

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