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The developers of magic-based Battle Royale Spellbreak have started a new video series spotlighting the pre-alpha testers and giving the potential audience a chance to check out real gameplay from real players.

We’re starting a new series featuring videos created by current pre-alpha testers! Spellbreak is still under NDA (so, no, you can’t publish your own videos yet!), but we thought we’d show some carefully chosen community creations to the world and give their creators some visibility 🙂

The game will allow you to weave together spectacular spell combinations and craft strategic builds in your quest for survival. The project is currently in pre-alpha, and the developers are looking for testers.

As a pre-alpha tester, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at development, be able to play early builds, and have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the Proletariat team.

You can sign up for the pre-alpha on the official site or by leaving your email or taking a survey on the official site.

Proletariat CEO and Spellbreak Creative Lead Seth had also participated in a couple of Q&A series to answer community’s questions:

  • Is Spellbreak for Fortnite / PUBG players or aspiring battlemages?
  • Will Spellbreak have lore? What is the team’s plans for establishing it?
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