Battlerite Releases a New Paladin Champion

If you have been playing Battlerite lately you most likely already know that they recently released a Shadowblade Assassin named Jamila during their first PvP Season. Now Stunlock Studios has released a new trailer outlining the new Paladin champion known as Ulric the Unwavering.

With your hammer and shield, Ulric players will be able to utilize powerful melee and ranged attacks while defending and supporting their teammates.  With the addition of Ulric, this brings the Champion count to a surprising number of 27 total Champions.  Fans of Paladins need not wait long, as Ulric will be releasing March 28th. This also means Battlerite players will still have the opportunity to use the new champion in the first PvP Season that is currently going on.

Season 1 started March 5th and is running for roughly 10 weeks. Fans of arena brawlers can head on over to Steam and pick up the free to play title Battlerite now.  New players will need to complete 10 prequalifying rounds before they head into Season 1, and there is no better time than now.

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