Battlerite – Season 1 NOW LIVE!

Battlerite Season 1

Battlerite fans, your time has come!  March 7th marked the day that Battlerite began their first season of the exciting PvP arena brawler by Stunlock Studios.  In addition to Battlerite Season 1 hitting the scene, Stunlock Studios has put together a new Sponsor Rewards system that expands on the daily quests by adding paths that will allow you to unlock rewards such as champions, in-game currency, and season-specific rewards.

If that wasn’t enough, all Battlerite players should celebrate the admittance of a new champion, Jamila, the ShadowBlade Assassin. Armed with deadly blades ready to eviscerate enemies, Jamila will be a welcome addition to the arena. Other welcomed additions are a new leaderboard that will accumulate the top 200 players in Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, the ability for player to change their champion in the pre-game lobby, and the ability to watch live matches and replays in Virtual Reality.

Perhaps, you’re new to Battlerite and you are worried that this isn’t the right time to jump in, during the first season.  On the contrary, this may be the best time for new players to join Battlerite, as Peter Ilves said, “We updated the reward system in order to acknowledge the daily efforts of competitive players and to make sure casual gamers don’t feel left out. That’s why the new system has multiple Sponsor paths, some fitting less frequent play styles and others having a League requirement for higher ranked players. All the content is now connected through the reward paths that piece together new places and characters into a more cohesive and ever-expanding Battlerite universe.”

Now is the time Champions, if you haven’t popped into Battlerite yet to battle it out in frantic arena fun, there is no time like the present.  To glory champions! The arena awaits!

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