Battletech Urban Warfare Expansion Unleashed On The Mean Streets

Urban Warfare

Battletech: Urban Warfare is about to bring mechanized combat to a whole new world. Available now, the newest update to Paradox’s mech war enters the steel jungle for some urban carnage.

Welcome To The Jungle

The second major update to Battletech, the Urban Warfare expansion is already out. Available as a stand-alone update or as part of the Battletech season pass, this addition to the recently released mech combat strategy looks set to cause a whole new wave of carnage. The Urban Warfare expansion takes Battletech’s war for supremacy and drags it down into the gutter. Urban jungles are a sprawling mess of life and street brawls change the way the game is played. Human habitation crops up around narrow streets impeeding line of fire while being susceptible to incoming fire. Every building in the urban biome is destructible making for a constantly changing horizon and a range of new hazards. Blow up a coolant exchanger buildings and or break an electrical transformer and not all a mechs weapons will be useful. Check out the chaos of Urban Warfare in the latest trailer.

Two new mechs also bring a range of new armaments to the fight. On the field of war, lost tech returns. ECM systems and Active probe weapons serve to bring Battletech into the digital age. The electronic warfare kits compliment the two new mechs. The Raven 1X sports these advanced warfare packages in a single lightweight component. The Jaelin mech is a compromise between speed and firepower, with close-range knockout power.

This is far from the only addition to drop with the Urban Warfare expansion. The latest DLC also comes with three new enemy vehicles, including the Gallant Urban Assault Tank, a brand new encounter that pushes players to attack and defend, as well as brand new flashpoints. The new flashpoints are exclusive to this DLC and do not need previous expansions to play.

Battletech and the Flashpoint DLC are available at a discount on Steam to celebrate the explosive launch of Urban Warfare, with the discount available until Friday, June 7, 2019 at 19:00 CEST (10:00AM PDT). See all sale prices and read more about Urban Warfare on the game’s Steam store page.

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