Bayonetta 3 Coming This Summer According to Reddit


A Reddit user named _darth_solo is claiming that a source has revealed that Bayonetta 3 may be coming out as early as summer 2018. If it doesn’t make the summer cut, the source has said the Switch-only game will be out before the end of 2018.

He claims that this is “on good authority from a reliable source” and that this person’s information will be corroborated at a Nintendo Direct in the near future.

The suspicion is that B3 will be showcased at E3, though some in the thread are saying that it’s equally possible a new Pokemon or Animal Crossing game is more likely.

Bayonetta 3

Here’s the word from the official Platinum Games blog:

How’s Bayonetta going to get out of this mess? You’ll have to wait and see! Stay tuned for more information on the latest entry in PlatinumGames’ bewitching climax action series.

If you still haven’t met her – or just want to revisit her past adventures – worry not! Because the first and second games are coming to the Nintendo Switch! Get ready to play these classic Platinum Games titles at home or on the go on February 16, 2018.


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