Be Even More Dastardly With New Evil Genius 2 DLC

If You’re sick of the same old volcano lair and want something extra, then the new Evil Genius 2 DLC should keep those plans for world domination fresh.

Available now and adding plenty of additional content to the already huge plans of Evil Genius 2, the new Cabal Pack add new minions, mission, as well as plenty of new looks for your evil abode and little people. This new DLC pack also introduces a brand new Super Agent to the mix, with a mysterious identity.

The mighty Espectro comes to Evil Genius 2 today, hidden behind a red mist. Swirling in among that fog is a twisted mind fixed on power and out to annihilate you. Instead, it’s up to players to stop Expectro and take all of this opponent’s powers for you. As well as this brand new henchman, you’ll get the Cabal Indoctrination Chamber, a way to change the appearances of four other henchmen by giving them the Cabal makeover. This isn’t the only add on either. The Cabal comes packing a R.A.Y.G.U.N. Interrogation Device, 4 new skins, and a bunch of additional side quests too.

Coming in at around $5, this is the first of a full Season Pass lineup from developers Rebellion, all of which you can grab ahead of time for $24.99 / £22.99. This particular add on will be followed by a lair items pack, another henchman pack, two minion packs, and a campaign pack before the season is out.

If you’d rather just have a bit of stability in your deception then patch 1.3.0 is now available for Evil genius 2. It addresses core areas of feedback from the Evil Genius 2 community, ranging from progression issues to game pace. As a result, the length of the campaign can be significantly shorter for those geniuses who want to play more aggressively. Check out all the patch details or grab the new Evil Genius 2 DLC over on Steam now.

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