Be the Life and Soul of the Party When Deathbound Launches in 2024

Deathbound - player crouches with a knife

Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio have confirmed that Deathbound launches in 2024, bringing a party-based soulslike to PC and Console

The circle of life is a lonely one for most Soulslikes, so it’s exciting to hear that party base adventure Deathbound will get the gang together for a deadly quest later this year. Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio have just announced that their upcoming single player party-based soulslike, will be launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC later in 2024.


Initially announced back in 2023, this innovate adventure has been gathering fallen and preparing to explore any hope for survival. In Ziêminal. Dangers are more fundamental than the odd roaming mercenary. Players must forge an unholy crusade in a city where faith and science are in constant conflict. To fell every monstrosity that lurks in the shadows and conquer this realm, the fallen must band together. Players will be able to call on the dead, filling a party with 4 heroes. Each risen brings a different set of skills and capabilities, which can swap in an out of battle as needed. Putting together a team may take some subtlety. The Church of Death and Cult of Life are at odds with one another. Aligning opposing factions close to one another in the vessel will cause conflict.

This very different take on a well-worn concept plays out in an intriguing world that melds the medieval with cyberpunk. Great hulking armor stomps through back alleys ablaze with neon advertising, and plenty of shady characters. As one of he more unusual takes on the soulslike genre I’ve seen since Lords of the Fallen, this goes on my watch list. If you want to keep a close eye then head over to the official website or Wishlist on Steam now.

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