Beacon Pines Books announces Release Date And Publishing Deal

Publisher Fellow Traveller has picked up a publishing deal for Beacon Pines, bringing the creepy cute indie adventure to PC and Nintendo Switch.

Due to arrive on PC, via Steam and Nintendo’s on the go hybrid console during the first half of 2022, thanks to this news, Beacon Pines is a narrative title that is as cute as it is spooky. Mixing children fairytales with Stranger Things vibes, the indie tale lets players experience a mystery unfold as both the viewer and the protagonist in a story that allows players to rewrite past events and, hopefully, save a town.

The confirmation that Beacon Pines is now in the Fellow Traveller stable came as part of the Indie Houses event. This newly formed conglomeration is an ongoing celebration of smaller scale titles that might not otherwise get mainstream attention, highlighting an amazing variety of games that are available in an apparently slow year for big-budget first-party releases. Between the new content, online streams, and fresh game announcements, it seems developer Hiding Spot Games dropped their good news.

For those that haven’t heard of Beacon Pines, it takes the form of an interactive narrative. Players can read aloud or take the place of a young boy probing mysterious events in his hometown. While this sounds relatively straightforward for a visual novel, the aesthetic falls between a bedtime story and a Halloween classic, with a little bit of time travel thrown in.

Along the way you’ll find charms inscribed with new words that let you rewrite past events, leading to entire new timelines to explore. As you find new words, you’ll be able to turn the pages back and explore a new branching arc, that hopefully won’t go horribly wrong. To get a better look at this adorable tale, check out the trailer above or head over to the Steam Store page now. You can find out more about the Indie House event on the official page too.

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