Beat Saber Update Adds 46 Free Maps

beat saber free update

For those of you using VR to keep active and play with laser swords, a new Beat Saber update is about to release 46 new maps for free.

Detailed in an Oculus blog post, the free update for existing Beat Saber owners will add a plethora of new maps across 18 different songs when the update drops. This includes both 360 as well as One Saber maps across a variety of skill levels, so those at either end of the scale shouldn’t feel too left out. Here is the full list of new maps coming to Pc and Playstation 4 players.

New 360° Maps

Expert +
Rattlesnake, Rogue
Reason For Living, Morgan Page
PopStars, K/DA
Rum ’N Bass, Boom Kitty

Escape, Jaroslav Beck
Fire, Ready, Aim, Green Day
Digital, Imagine Dragons

Has a Meaning, Timbaland
The Greatest Show, Panic! At The Disco
Luv U Need U, Slushii

New One Saber Maps

Expert +, Expert, Normal
Unlimited Power, Jaroslav Beck, Frank Bentley [No Expert]
This Time, Kayzo
Believer, Imagine Dragons
High Hopes, Panic! At The Disco
PLAY, Tokyo Machine
American Idiot, Green Day
While We’re Young, Timbaland
Origins, Jaroslav Beck/Jan Ilavsky
Reason For Living, Morgan Page

Gamers jumping into the new maps can expect to find plenty of challenge with modifiers like ghost notes, faster songs, and one-handed saber wielding. If you haven’t been keeping up with VR over the last few years then you might have missed this insanely popular rhythm title. Available on Steam VR, the Oculus Store, and PSVR, Beat Saber puts gamers on a platform and challenges them to slice their way through a colored array of beat matching boxes, all while blasting its way through a pounding soundtrack. Since its release, Beat Saber has been a feature in VR charts over the last 2 years and while I might pick another way to keep fit in VR, there’s no denying that this is incredibly popular. If you’re ready to jump into Beat Saber, check out the full game over at the official website now or find out all about the free Beat Saber update on the Oculus blog.


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