Bee Simulator is Buzzes Over to Steam

Varsav Games Studio and Bigben have announced that Bee Simulator is now available on Steam. The Steam version joins other versions of the game found on the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The game gives players wings as they play as a pollinator bee in an urban park inspired by Central Park. Along the way, busy bees will need to collect pollen, fight off wasps, interact with fellow bees, and confront multiple threats. The hive is further threatened when humans come along and chop down the tree where the swarm’s hive is located. “The fate of the whole swarm is in your tiny hands!”

It’s not just fun and games either. The game was created in collaboration with beekeepers to provide players with a fun, educational experience “that conveys and environmental message suitable for all ages”. As they fly through the game, players will be able to evolve in a realistic environment and read tips/information about “the secret life of bees”. Add in a sprinkling of cooperative and competitive multiplayer game modes, and it’s fun for the whole family.

Check out the Bee Simulator Steam page to learn more.

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