Before We Leave Is Now On Steam

Prepare to build a civilization all your, as Before We Leave launches today on Steam.

Available now via Steam, Before We Leave puts down the tip of the spear and picks up a shovel as the new civilization building sim challenges players to actually build their new world, not conquer it. Focusing on a violence free set of goals, Balancing Monkey Games and Team17 need you to usher in a glorious future for a world ravaged by devastation.

Lording over this post apocalypse, players picking up Before We Leave will find an environment ripe for exploring and recivilizing. That goal is a little more complicated than it sounds. Taking plenty of inspiration from more battle oriented 4x strategy encounters, overlords of this new world will need to explore, build, trade, manage resources, and protect their peeps from some malevolent forces of nature. Space whales are the worst!

The launch of Before We Leave isn’t quite the first we’ve seen of this title. It took some time to escape Epic games Exclusivity. As a result, Steam users get a bunch of updates alongside their purchase. A year worth of updates also adds the following:

This includes
• The Kraken Comes: An update bringing submarines, trading ships, the Kraken guardian, and underground shelters.
• Over & Under: An update rolling out new overlays for better experiences, new UI and UX, new languages, and more.
• Paving the Way: A visual upgrade, new roads, new resources, new type of Warehouse, new effects, and more.
• Biomes & Beasties: Three new island biomes, new visuals, inclusion of animals, discoverable secrets, and more.

While Before We Leave takes an entirely different type of strategy to Team17’s smash hit Overcooked series, it seems like this might be a great way to make something more substantial than a souffle. Before We Leave is available to purchase on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $19.99/€17.99/£15.99. Get a glimpse in the trailer above, or check out the Steam Store page for more details.

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