Behind The Frame Pens In A Release Date

behind the frame

Pre Order and Pre Registrations are live now for the Ghibli-esque adventure, Behind The Frame.

During last week’s Dreamhack Beyond Showcase, Silver Lining Studio and co-publisher Akupara Games revealed that painting escapade, Behind The Frame has a release date. The title is set to launch on 25 August and will arrive on PC, iOS and Android devices. While eager PC players who caught the earlier reveal during Day of the Devs can wishlist the title over on Steam, mobile gamers can also get ahead of the queue over on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

For those of you that didn’t catch our initial news of this gorgeous looking new adventure, Behind The Frame is a narrative tale, following the fate of a young artist on the cusp of finishing their gallery submission. AS players pick their way through the piece, they’ll get to guide the brushstrokes and solve a variety of puzzles to help complete the painting. What sounds simple will eventually uncover an emotional tale of chance and might very well reveal more truth behind this canvas.

“We are genuinely excited and grateful about all the attention and lovely comments we’ve received about Behind the Frame. We believe that games are a great channel for people to enjoy stories and a great medium to experience characters’ emotions more immersively, so we worked hard to make this game the best experience for anyone, anytime and anywhere,” said the game’s Art Director Weichen Lin. “Now that we’re close to our official launch, we look forward to sharing our game with players around the world. I hope this game can touch your heart, and we can all see the world a little bit differently after seeing through our painter’s eye.”

This isn’t exactly a traditional mobile ARPG, and seems to fit the bill or something like Gris or Gorogoa, twisting a simple idea to subvert expectations. Players looking for something different on their commute might want to head over to one of the available mobile storefronts. Pre-registration rewards include a themed emoji pack and wallpaper upon the game’s release. Find out more on the official website now.

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