Behold Studios Launches Out Of Space Game Trailer

The creators of Chroma Squad are putting down the super sentai swords and trying out a new genre as they drop a new trailer for Out of Space.

This Early Access title is the latest game to come from a Brazilian team more used to crafting offbeat RPGs and it blows some fresh air into the vacuum of space. Rather than a pixel art aesthetic and a story driven narrative of previous titles, Out of Space is a couch co-op experience that tasks players with conquering one of a range of procedural spaceships.

Lift Off

After launching earlier this year, this title has been quietly capturing or converting spaceships and it seems high time for things to kick into a higher orbit.

“We’re aiming for a strategy game in a couch fun experience” said Saulo Camarotti, the Creative Director behind the studio. “We have never seen an experience like that in other games of the genre, but the player’s response is amazing! They’re playing a lot since we started the Early Access back in April 2019”.

Now players who haven’t faced Behold’s latest frontier can get a glimpse of the action in the new trailer. Players strapping into their couch can either go online or play locally with up to 4 players. You will all be dropped into a brand new spaceship at the start of each encounter and balance, cleaning duties, building shelter, managing food and fending off an alien menace. Dig we also mention there’s a doggo and cleaning bot to keep you company on those long lonely nights in the dark beyond.

Despite its Early Access status, Out of Space is in a pretty advanced stage of development and this might be the perfect opportunity to drop in before the game goes live. Booking a seat on this adventure will set you back around $12.99. Check out the game on Pc and Mac or find out more from the official Steam Early Access page right now.


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