The Best Games to Play on Nintendo Switch Right Now

Best Games Switch

Nintendo Switch is a new gaming platform that debuted in 2017. It offers a wide array of action, shooters, adventure and strategy games. The Legend of Zelda had numerous online casino promos, as it was the game of the year in 2017. However, it faced stiff competition from games such as Maro Tennis Aces and Octopath Traveler. We present to you five top games to play on Nintendo Switch.

Night in the Woods

You can find the Night in the Woods game in Switch. It was among the leading indie games in 2017. Generally, the game looks like an adventure of crocodiles, cats, and foxes. Nevertheless, its storyline flows with different mental issues, death, identity, love, and mourning. Mae is the main character in the game. She plans on going back home from college. She recalls her past bad and good life experiences.


Thumper closely resembles Audiosurf. It involves gliding down customized pathways that has soothing soundtracks. You need to keep calm to enjoy the game. You could press a button while crushing around corners. However, you will start tapping the button as you crash down or fly above the track. Huge tidal waves damage the floating heads.

Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade is a mash-up game that mixes different gameplay with an action game. It has fantastic results. Also, the game involves cooking and fighting monsters. Focus on killing the beasts and use their body parts to prepare a sumptuous meal. You can gather extra supplies if you improve your fighting skills. Many people get addicted to this game.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

Edmund McMillen developed The Binding of Isaac game. It consists of a young mother holds her son captive in her house. After a while, the young boy tries to escape by calling at enemies and navigating underground caverns. Most random dungeons look like those found in Spelunky and The Legend of Zelda. You have to fight with and defeat several demons to win an assortment of mysterious items.

Splatoon 2

Splatoon is a multiplayer shooter game that involves killing enemies. It has distinct online matches, multiplayer weapons, and maps. Splatoon 2 has user-created artwork and galore. People who like playing two games concurrently can combine it with the Salmon Run. Arrange the players in groups of four to gather golden eggs as they fend off salmonids.

The Nintendo Switch has amazing offers this year. You can play different games including Night in The Woods, Thumper, Battle Chef Brigade, and Super Mario Odyssey. Also, it has third-party games such as Fortnite and Dark Souls. You can play them on your console or TV for a thrilling gaming experience.

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