Best Games that Deserve a Movie Adaptation

Movie Adaptation

Video-game films have long been jokes for good reason: many box office failures were the result of several of the initial attempts to translate digital media to the silver screen. Filmmakers are encouraging film adaptations of games through the crazy success of Detective Pikachu and most recently Sonic The Hedgehog. From the release of Sonic in theater, updates from various current game film projects such as Uncharted, Borderlands, and even Saint’s Row have been updated.

While there are awesome game adaptations already present on Netflix such as Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, Cyberpunk, Splinter Cell, just to name a few. Netflix has got loads to feed your appetite for watching amazing content, but not all of these might be available in your region since Netflix show you region-specific titles only. However, you can easily bypass the geo-restrictions. So, are you wondering how you can watch Netflix from other countries? Well, with a VPN it becomes possible and you’ll be surprised how much more content you can get by using a VPN service. Moreover, if you’re a Netflix power user be sure to use these smart tips and tricks!

Call of Duty


Call of Duty

The Call of Duty film franchise, rumored for years, could be easily converted onto the screen with almost unlimited potential. Activision has been told that the Call of Duty film isn’t interested in anymore, because this isn’t a priority for the business at this stage, so it unsurprisingly continues to be some of the highest-vendor game versions every year when considering Call of Duty titles. Activision would probably concentrate on the heart of its franchise in the games rather than putting its bets on a (probably) large-scale, highly competitive budget action film.

Check out this Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Season 2 Cinematic Trailer. It’s stunning, isn’t it? The storytelling of Call of Duty has leaped into various iterations of themselves in unusual ways, exploring different times. Several of her versions (but not all) had a story full of amazing details and topics for an arcade-like multi-player shooter game. Hopefully, Activision will revisit the possible film project, even though many potential players will make the perfect action hero for Call of Duty. The creation of a franchise film can take a range of forms and create enough background to draw or imitate an original story.



For a long time, there has been a successful big-budget film about vampires, and what better way than with Castlevania to bring back movies. Regardless of whether it is Belmonts or Alucard, in a movie setting, there are several tales from the world of Castlevania that are worth exploring. Though Castlevania’s anime TV show saw major success, a live-action adaptation to one of Hollywood’s largest production companies could be perfect.

The best thing about Castlevania is that its original material was from Universal Pictures’ 1931 film, so it would be much simpler to transition (or return) to film than the other series on this list. The difference between Castlevania’s film and Dracula’s other interpretations will be the inclusion of legendary figures such as Simon Belmont. In addition, several games in Castlevania refer to mythological beings other than vampires, that is, there is a great variety to distinguish them from other Dracula interpretations.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls

It is perhaps the most difficult affair of those games to develop a film adaptation in the Dark Souls series. Namco has in the past also promised $10,000 to clarify the mysterious lore of Dark Souls. Telling in a film from the Dark Souls is because of its niche existence the largest measure of atmospheric storytelling in the film. At the same time, though, this style of narrative is one of the greatest strengths of the dark soul, and their direct uncertainty is what the dark soul fans love most. A proper adaptation of Dark Souls could be rather evocative and imaginative when handled with careful care.

Dark Soul’s rather cyclical existence through its unbelievably complex playback and by the very thing itself. The three-game Dark Souls are about life and death in many ways, but it’s definitely not as dry and tight as this seems. Legends of the gods, dragons, and souls, which all clash, create the dark fantasy of the life of the series, filled with intricate and enigmatic details which are not immediately evident between them. It will become extremely hard to condense into a 2-hour film and involve many interpretative elements and vagueness more than possibly.

The Legend of Zelda


When a film trailer for an Ocarina of Time adaptation hit YouTube in 2009, it was an April Fools Day joke that was created by fans. While the trailer is not well-designed by current standards, obvious fans wanted the iconic Zelda series to be adjusted. The sequence, which has always been published since 1986, has countless choices for future adjustments: Wind Waker would be a great child-friendly studio Ghibli, and Twilight would easily be adaptable as a Lord of the Rings epic series of miniature styles to a dark fantasy series like The Witcher and Breath of the Wild.



The Fallout series was first published in 1997 and was rapidly followed by the latter in 1998. After Fallout 3 was released in 2008 and Fallout in 2010 it was the most popular. This series of anthology games is extremely successful, taking post-apocalyptic fans on trips to various American cities after the 2077 Grand War. In the area around Washington D.C., known as Capital Wasteland, New Vegas took place in Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert. This third installment took place. Overall, the games work well on television as the actors like Liam Neeson and Mathewperry are already extremely cinematic.

Wrapping Up!

We gaming freaks would love to have a movie adaption of every game we love, as mentioned in the beginning many movie adaptations of games are available on Netflix. If you can’t view certain titles, follow this ultimate guide of bypassing geo-restricted sites and enjoy access to the full library of Netflix.

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