Best MMO Games Of All Time


MMO games have become the most popular games on the market ever since their release, and the dominance that they have shown on the market is truly remarkable as they are clearly some of the most played games in history. There are hundreds of different games that could have made it onto this list of best MMO games of all time, but we have narrowed the list down to our favorite three games from the MMO market.

One of the first MMO games to start the trend of these games becoming so popular is RuneScape in which many of us spent hours of our childhood playing on this free roam game. Release back in 2001, RuneScape has still continued to be played on the internet still to this day which is astonishing as we are so used to games only being popular for a few years. RuneScape lets players perform individual tasks to level up their character including fishing, mining, blacksmithing, and then battling with enemies online. Although RuneScape might be a bit outdated now, it will certainly go down as one of the classics.

RuneScape Update Is Adding Construction Contracts

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We cannot mention this list without mentioning the King of MMO games which is undoubtedly World of Warcraft which totally transformed the gaming market when it was released back in 2004 – it was that popular that it had 12 million active players back in 2010. The amount of stuff that you can do on World of Warcraft is virtually endless which is why it has provided such dominance on the market for so long as gamers have explained it’s very difficult to become bored on WoW.

And finally, the last MMO game that we must have on the list of best ever has to be Guild Wars which was released at a similar time to WoW and wasn’t able to receive the same popularity but that certainly doesn’t take away from the quality of the game. The best thing about Guild Wars is that it was meant to be played in a party and was certainly enhanced when you are playing with friends so is something that proved to be one of the best games in the MMO world.

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