Best Online and Offline Games to Enjoy in 2022

Players Criticize Ubisoft For Post-Launch Support of Assassin's Creed Valhalla

For most young boys, PlayStation is the first love of their lives. We all can trace down a memory of getting back from school and spending the rest of the day playing games without friends because it’s a weekend. Even in all these years, Sony made sure that the PlayStation would be there for the youth and the newer generation of gamers.

Here are some fantastic PlayStation games you should give a try,

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It all started in the year 2007. This was when the very first Assassin’s Creed game was introduced to be played. The rest, as we all know, is history. From that point to these days, Assassin’s Creed is easily ranked among one of the most popular games globally.

In the modern-day world, you can still play the latest and exciting version of Assassin’s Creed under ‘Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.’ The game runs exceptionally well with the recent PlayStation models.

Elden Ring

In 2022, there is only one game that is breaking the popularity charts. Yes, we are talking about the Elden Ring. Though Elden Ring is not a new game, it is a sequence of the already popular Dark Souls series. But the overall game dynamics are different from the previous series.

Elden Ring is an open-world game. There is a certain level to the games that can be played during the regular conquest mode. But still, the game is unique based on its gameplay. It allows the players to discover new secret worlds on their own and train their characters to beat bosses.


Among future gen games, Ascent is on the top, period. The more amazing thing about this game is that it is the debut game for its developers. But this doesn’t mean that the game is beginner level or something like that.

According to experts, the game has got the potential to leave its mark on the gaming industry. The theme of the game is outstanding. In an open world ruled by cyborgs and tech, you will be able to play a Battle Royale with your friends through PlayStation or PC.

PlayAmo Casino

If you are a fan of crypto-based real-life betting, PlayAmo Casino is the ultimate choice. The game is online, facilitating gameplay services to players from around the globe. The playing dynamics of this game are just like a real-life casino. According to the game developers, PlayAmo Casino offers around 3500 real-life casino games.

The most impressive part of this game is that you can win real-life prizes with the help of this game. The game allows the players to place their bets using crypto units. As a result, the winner gets a return in cryptocurrency.

God Of War

Among PlayStation gamers, in particular, there is a famous saying. It all started with God Of War, and it will all end with God Of War. This is a firm belief among gamers that the end of the God Of War series will end the Sony PlayStation journey. You can estimate the popularity of this game on your own now.

God Of War is an open-world game filled with mythical creatures and gods from the Ancient Greek and Norse mythologies. The game has a particular spot in the heart of all open-world players.

The Last of Us Part I & II

Do you know the most challenging part about making an open-world game popular among gamers? The gameplay. If we take an analytical look at the majority of the open-world games available in the market today, they are more or less the same—just a difference in characters and themes.

This is where Th Last of Us series beat them all. The game has exceptional story writing and gameplay. Plus, the post-apocalyptic open-world gameplay is something most gamers love. The game also has outstanding playing dynamics on the PS4 and up PS models.

The Last of Us Part II - Inside the Details Dev Diary

Songs of Conquest

This is one of the most iconic strategy games developed by Lavapotion. However, the concept of this game is not different from the 90s. This is the same reason why this game has negative and positive reviews among the gaming community.

Some gamers prefer that the game has similar gameplay to Heroes of Might and overall structure. Heroes of Might was a popular strategy game back in the 90s. While others believe that it is more of a replica, and developers have added nothing much new to the gameplay.


In the world of new concept games, Alterbone is undoubtedly a great addition. The game’s theme is paced in a world where darkness conquers all, and there is no law and order. As a third-person player, you are responsible for getting the light back into the world through many missions.

The reviews about Alterbone are pretty mixed as well. Users believe that the idea of Alterbone is quite similar to that of ‘Batman.’ But again, the game contains some awe-inspiring graphics that overshadows such assumptions.

Final Note

Considering the plans for Sony for the whole PlayStation generation, one thing is quite specific. The Play Station will be here for quite some time. This shows why the number of playable games on a PlayStation is on the rise in 2022. The above-mentioned games are the ultimate treat for online and offline game lovers.

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