Best Sports Games for Android 2020

Sports Games

With many mobile sports games succumbing to the freemium model, there aren’t many quality titles you can enjoy without pointless upgrades. Fortunately, you still enjoy quality games on betway if you’re into cards, sports betting, esports, or casino games. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy quality sports games on your android smartphone.

Here are the top five android sports games in 2020.

Pocket Run Pool

This android title gives pool games a new view. The game features everything from letting you sink the balls in the normal fashion, or go against a computer AI created to give you an easy time, to playing in god mode.

When playing this game, you can also chase the high scorer, which makes it essential to sink the ball at the right time. Each pocket has a score, and the positions change after every shot.  That means if you sink a ball in the right hole, then you can get up to 120 points, but if you miss three times, then it’s game over. It’s refreshing to see how the game exploits the risk versus reward approach.

PGA Tour Golf Shootout

This exciting golf game is among the few of its kind that has a multiplayer offering, which can be unlocked quickly and easily. You can play short tense matches against your friends while improving your kit and skills.

Sports Games 1

Betway app

If you want to enjoy a mobile sports betting experience that is intuitive, responsive, and stable, then the Betway app is all you need. The app features thousands of betting markets from international and local sports leagues, featuring major sports like cricket, soccer, and rugby.

After opening the app, you can effortlessly search for a specific league, event, or team using the simple search bar on the menu. Even better, you can effortlessly flick between the screens and enjoy streaming major events live.

Touchgrind BMX 2

This BMX trials sports game is all about being a huge show-off, allowing you to catapult your bit and perform all kinds of air stunts. Unlike many trial games on mobile phones, Touchgrind gives you something more ambitious and tactile.

The bike is seen from behind and above, and you’re welcome to park your two fingers on it – one on the seat and the other on the handlebar. Subtle movements help you to steer while flicking allow you to perform stunts. Your high score relies on the mastery of your stunts, so it’s important to commit courses to memory with incredible stunt combos.

eFootball PES 2020

With soccer being among the world’s most popular sports, there are thousands of games on the internet. However, not many of them can deliver the actual gameplay as eFoootball PES 2020 does. As a result, it delivers the most incredible mobile soccer experience. While the graphics aren’t as good as EA’s FIFA, that’s hardly an issue as you’ll be enjoying incredible gameplay. It’s exactly the kind of game that soccer lovers looking for a challenge will appreciate.

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