Best Tips to Pass Microsoft 70-761 Exam Using Practice Tests

Microsoft 70-761

Microsoft is a globally acknowledged software producer that, above all, validates professionals’ skills with brilliant IT certifications. For specialists to gain any of the corporation-developed badges, a certain number of important exams should be passed.

Thereby, if you happen to be a system engineer, SQL Server database administrator, or a developer with 2+ years’ practice, then there’s no other way but grow in this sphere and aim for the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certification. Under this qualifying path, one of the exams that you will be supposed to take is Microsoft 70-761.

What Microsoft 70-761 Exam Encompasses

Let’s move on and get to know that the Microsoft 70-761 test is part one of the two requirements designed to award candidates with the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development credential, with another 70-762 test to ace.

Moreover, this 70-761 assessment is also one of the many renowned Microsoft certification exams, and it is developed to evaluate an individual’s competence in accomplishing querying data tasks using Transact-SQL technology. The main subject areas covered by the test are as follows:

  • Databases Programming Using Transact-SQL

In this topic, candidates’ ability to create database programmability objects with Transact-SQL, implementation of error handling as well as transactions, and implementation of data types are evaluated.

  • Management of Data Using Transact-SQL

This particular topic tests developers’ competence in the creation of Transact-SQL SELECT queries, implementation of functions, aggregation of data, data modification, and query multiple tables.

  • Data Querying Using Advanced Transact-SQL Components

Here, your ability to query non-relational data, temporal, and pivot data through queries and query data using APPLY is exclusively assessed.

Just like most of Microsoft certification exams, 70-761 dumps test comprises around 40-60 different types of questions, for instance, multiple-choice, case studies, active screen, drag and drop. This exam will cost each candidate $165.

Microsoft 70-761 1

Why Study for 70-761 Exam with Practice Tests

Well, your ability to excel in the Microsoft 70-761 test as well as your mastery of the above topics will not only depend on the content captured during preparation, but also on the acquired ability to supply answers to the questions within a given timeframe.

This implies importance to take as many practice tests for the exam as possible for you to get proficiency in all relevant objective domains.

  1. Be Aware of 70-761 Exam Objectives

Knowing the exam syllabus is the primary step in planning on what to learn during your preparation. Herewith, you can get the list of exam objectives and topics from the Exam-labs Microsoft official website to learn all the essential information for the test. It is recommended that you cover all the exam objectives since it is the roadmap to your excellence. Also, ensure that you don’t skip any single topic during the preparation.

  1. Determine Suitable Preparation Materials

Preparation for any exam would be a futile exercise if you appear unable to define the appropriate study materials. Therefore, it is crucial to put together all the necessary exam resources you will utilize to study for the 70-761 test. As noticed, practice tests are the key tools but you will need other supporting materials like an official study guide ‘Exam Reference 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL’, the authorized by the Microsoft Press publication. It will outline every test aspect you need to know before taking the real exam.

  1. Gain Practical Skills

Further, the Microsoft 70-761 exam includes questions which can be tackled by either practical or theoretical approach. Therefore, practical skills are necessary for every candidate as without appropriate abilities they might end up failing in this all-inclusive assessment, being unable to handle practical tasks.

A good way to build a solid foundation for practical concepts is learning with practice tests from a reliable online platform, such as Exam-Labs. What you need is to get the VCE Software and practice exam questions. Thus, you’ll gain skills to tackle various question types and gain time management skills. As a result, you will get a deeper understanding of the main concepts of 70-761 exam and pass it from your first trial!

  1. Enroll in Instructor-Led Training

This is a very important and enriching learning option as in preparation you will find some complex or challenging questions. The main consequent step you should take is reaching for the Microsoft instructor-led video course. There, you will enjoy its full options to study with a partner either in a classroom or on-demand, and hence, learn the concepts as they are presented by the instructor.

  1. Join MicrosoftCommunity

It is a bad idea to consider yourself being capable to accomplish this Microsoft test just on your own, without any advice or insights. Instead, it will be highly productive for you to collaborate with other like-minded individuals to hit greater milestones which might not be possible if you train alone. A community of peers will offer you the chance to share experiences as well as practice tips related to the assessment.

In the forum, you will also be able to get ideas that can help you ace your performance in the Microsoft 70-761 exam.

Employment Opportunities

With the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development credential, you qualify for job positions such as:

  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Database Developer

As per, exclusively validated MCSA specialists with advanced SQL skills can earn an average basic salary of approximately $73,000 per year.

Summing Up

This way, the 70-761 exam can definitely help all aspiring candidates obtain the substantial skills to become database professionals in either cloud-based or local databases.

Don’t miss also practice tests from the Exam-Labs excellent website, and your dream of becoming a database professional will come true, with a great perspective to reach the coveted expert-level Data Management and Analytics badge!

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